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  • Frugal Wedding Reception table centerpiece Idea

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    Frugal Wedding Reception table centerpiece Idea for DIY Brides

    DIY BRIDE Table Centerpiece idea:  This is a pretty, simple and romantic idea for wedding reception centerpieces for DIY brides. It comes from JR Roses, an amazing wholesale floral online store that has great prices on roses, orchids, calla lily, tropical flowers, gerberas, and even pre-made wedding floral sets.  JR Roses has been featured on David Tutera My Fair Weddings.

    This centerpiece idea is rose petals surrounding tea light candles (or LED candles).

    rose petal centerpiece

    What is interesting about this deal is that JR Roses sells the petals fresh and in enough quantity to do all your tables, decorating bridal aisles, using for the petal toss, flower girl petals, etc., with no broken or bruised petals in a six gallon bag of about 5,000 rose petals. They last fresh 7 days when kept in the refrigerator. This is a great deal for the quantity of petals you get and how much decorating can be done with this bag of petals.

    If you are super frugal and have the time, you could do this table arrangement idea with roses from a supermarket florist or Costco, but as a caution, make sure you have good petals to work with and enough roses.  Make sure your flower vendor does not sell rose petals are not leftover or discarded petals swept off the floor, or guard petals, they are only premium petals.

    At vendors like JRRoses and RoseSource you will not get damaged or ripped petals which is a risk of pulling the petals off roses yourself.

    JR Roses rose petals come in several colors and the price ranges from $175 – $225 depending on color and quantity.


    If you are getting your own roses locally, you need to calculate what you’ll need per table to get this look.

    • There are about 20 – 30 petals usable petals per rose (depending on size and condition) so if you are buying your roses locally, depending on how many petals you need, your cost may run higher with local roses you de-petal yourself when you figure $15 – $20 for 18 – 24 roses at Costco (25 petals on average per rose multiplied by 24 roses = 600 petals best case scenario per 2 dozen).
    • Costco is a good value but color choice cannot be counted on unless you pre-order at a higher cost.
    • Silk rose petals. Silk rose petals are another more frugal option, however, at a wedding they are best used in places that are not as obvious that they are fake (such as the aisle runner) instead of on the table that people will be looking directly at for hours.

    Candles or Votives can be re-purposed from holiday decorations you may already have, or purchased cheaply on eBay, Amazon, or a local craft or dollar store. Make sure your reception venue allows for an open candle flame and if so, how tall a container is required. Another option is LED candle votives.


    JR Roses is a vendor we personally highly recommend and have used for many years. I do my own flowers for gifts, events, as get well gifts and when I am invited to dinner and for display, I am not particularly talented and I have had no design training. The big problem I find with do it yourself floral projects if finding quality flowers at a good price. I have been burned a few times by florists who send bouquets with damaged flowers and I prefer to do my own flower arrangements whenever possible and stick with a few vendors I trust.  I just follow simple instructions off of Youtube videos and make sure I have great flowers to work with. JR Roses is my first resource for flowers and I have never been disappointed. My favorites are their large Calla Lily and their tropical flower collections.

    For some of my tips on how to do your own floral arrangements and cautions to consider, read this post entitled “DIY Tips on How to Do Your Own Wedding Floral Arrangements”.


    Rose Petal Aisle Runner

    Rose Petals can be strewn in a pattern (as shown) or at random hours before the ceremony. A pattern can be outlined in string in advance to follow. Make sure guests stay off the petals in advance. Decide if you (or your bridesmaids, or family escorted up the aisle before the bride) might slip and fall if petals are underfoot and if it would be better to keep the petals at the edges of the aisle out of the path.

     rose petal wedding aisle

    Resources in this article to copy this idea yourself :


    • J R Roses
    • RoseSource
    • David Tutera Weddings
    • Costco Floral Department Roses.  Costco also has a wedding floral department with bulk flowers and pre-made bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, and full wedding floral sets.

    Candles and Votives

    • eBay has a variety of votive candle holders in bulk at good prices. Some options include frosted, crystal, and LED candles that look like real candles. Remember to get enough to allow for some to break or crack in transit.
    • Amazon has votive candles and candle holders in bulk
    • Dollar or Craft Store such as Michael’s for candles and votives


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