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  • DIY Rose Petal Aisle Runner How-to Guide

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    Rose Petal Aisle Runner How-to DIY Guide

    this is a great idea found on Pinterest. Here are some pros and cons of a rose petal aisle runner.

    fabric Aisle runners can be very expensive and surprisingly slippery.  Especially for an outdoor ceremony, rose petals can be strewn in a pattern (as shown) or at random, hours before the ceremony. A pattern can be outlined in string that is anchored with toothpicks in advance to follow, or cut out a paper stencil pattern if you are crafty to make rose petal patterns of dots or stars or hearts.  Make sure guests stay off the petals in advance!

    Another simple design is the “ombre” petal look seen here, no special skill is required for this look as long as petals are ready in advance



    • Pretty, colorful way to decorate your aisle with limited expense and fuss.
    • Even young ones could be responsible for random patterns (and maybe it could occupy them in the hours before the wedding)
    • a “lush” floral look can be achieved with little time or expense


    • Must be done day of ceremony
    • Decide if you (or your bridesmaids, or family escorted up the aisle before the bride) might slip and fall if petals are underfoot and if it would be better to keep the petals at the edges of the aisle out of the path.
    • Your venue may not allow rose petals – get pre-approval
    • clean up.

     rose petal wedding aisle

    Resources in this article to copy this idea yourself :


    • J R Roses
    • Blooms by the Box has MANY shades or roses to choose from to match your decor, plus wedding supplies like tall cylinder vases if you care to have candles or flowers along the aisle
    • Costco Floral Department Roses.  Costco also has a wedding floral department with bulk flowers and pre-made bridal bouquets, table centerpieces, and full wedding floral sets. Costco roses in-store are generally mostly available in red with other colors on a special order basis. If you are picking up in store, red is most likely what will be available in quantity
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